Animal on request

During my improvisation concerts “The Zoo” I often ask the audience for animals on request. We then play an instant composition based on this animal. The result is always fun and I very much enjoy doing this. Therefore I decided to temporarily offer these instant compositions digitally!

You will receive an instant composition of 1-3 minutes for violin solo, based on your favourite animal! This will be recorded with good (Neumann) stereo mics and you will receive both an audio and a video file. You can order your animal here.

Which animal would you like to see translated to music? 🐧

PS. Animals that already exist on my album The Zoo are not included in this offer 

Picture by Brendon Heinst


Bij mijn improvisatieconcerten “The Zoo” vraag ik het publiek ook om een paar verzoekdieren, die wij vervolgens muzikaal uitbeelden. Dit levert de leukste verzoeken op (van krekel tot kangaroe) en ik heb er altijd veel lol in. Daarom heb ik besloten tijdens de corotijdelijk ook digitale verzoekdieren aan te bieden!

Je ontvangt een instant compositie van 1-3 minuten voor viool solo, gebaseerd op jouw verzoekdier! Het resultaat wordt opgenomen in goede geluidskwaliteit (met Neumann stereo mics) en je ontvangt zowel een audio als video file. Bestel nu!

Podium Witteman

If you want to hear Merel play, you’ll have to do it with the internet for now, since all concerts until April 6th have been cancelled because of Corona prevention. Visit the concert page to see how individual concerts have been affected and for more information on postponed dates. This information will be updated regularly.

The good news is that there are two new video’s to share from Merel’s performance at Dutch TV Show Podium Witteman on the 8th of March.

🎶Ik dacht dat jij het was by Mike Boddé with Sterre Konijn. Violin arrangement by Merel Vercammen. This song is nominated for the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prijs.

🎶Nocturne by Lili Boulanger with Dina Ivanova. In honour of International Women’s Day.


Review from Canada

Review for Merel’s debut album Symbiosis with Dina Ivanova on Textura:

“An impressive debut recording […]
Certainly two of the album’s primary selling-points are Vercammen’s tone and technique. The clear, sweetly singing tone she coaxes from her violin is a major reason for the recording’s impact.
That album title, by the way, refers to the idea that, in the performers’ estimation, each of the three works strengthens the others, resulting in a most satisfying symbiosis. One could say the same about the playing of Vercammen and Ivanova, given how superbly each complements the other.”

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China tour with Dina Ivanova

Last week Merel Vercammen gave several concerts in Guangdong Province in China together with pianist Dina Ivanova on invitation by the Dutch Consulate in Guangzhou, the Province of Utrecht, and the Economic Board Utrecht.

The concert in Guangzhou was also the official Chinese premiere of Sprookjes by Mathilde Wantenaar. The audience included the German, Dutch, American and Turkish ambassadors/consul generals. Broadcast with interview will be on Guangzhou TV in December.

**** for The Zoo in De Volkskrant

“Interesting about this collection is that you hear time and again how two people start a conversation and how this results in something unique every time.”

“Het interessante aan de verzameling is dat je telkens weer hoort hoe twee mensen een gesprek met elkaar aangaan en hoe dat telkens weer iets unieks oplevert”

– Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant ★★★★