Enescu recorded by YoungClassicals

The popular music video platform YoungClassicals has recorded Merel in a rarely performed Sarabande by Enescu:

“I find it really interesting how the context of the time we live in is so closely connected to the music that is being written. That’s why it is important to me to commission new works from contemporary composers, who are living now and can relate to my time. At the same time, I very much enjoy playing the repertoire that has led us to where we are now. For me, Enescu’s Sarabande is so special because it represents these two different worlds and shows the development of classical music through history, in just a few minutes.

In this composition, Enescu clearly refers to Bach; the structure, the meter, and the timbre are all the same as Bach’s Sarabandes for solo violin. But harmonically he suddenly brings it to a new era, allowing the listener to experience two different eras at the same time.” – Merel

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