Younger audiences for classical music

Merel is a strong advocate for classical music and even conducted a research project at the Erasmus University on how to attract younger audiences for classical orchestras. The university just published a video that went “viral” on Facebook, in which Merel explains the value of classical music for young people:

If you’d like to know more about the research, do drop us an e-mail at and we can send you the thesis on this topic.

Premiere of new violin concerto

A new violin concerto, dedicated to Merel, has been written by composer Mathilde Wantenaar over the last year. The concerto had its successful premiere on the 20th of May in Alkmaar with the Alkmaars Symfonie Orkest. Special about this work is that it has been written especially for violin and amateur orchestra, unique in music history! Dutch newspapers De Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, and Alkmaarse Courant all wrote about it. Want to know more? A video of the premiere will be posted soon.

The composition has been funded by the VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Hofstee stichting.


Merel Vercammen and Mathilde Wantenaar, by Marcel Wogram

Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant wrote about the initiative in a big interview with Merel and the composer:

“Merel Vercammen (28) speelt betoverend viool, improviseert in klassiek en jazz, heeft een master op zak in ‘music cognition’ en stroomt over van ideeën. Met haar voorstelling over muziek en het brein, Het Nieuwe Mozart Effect, koppelt ze intelligentie aan muziek. En nu heeft ze een gat in het vioolrepertoire ontdekt. Zaterdag gaat in Alkmaar een compositie in première die ze speciaal liet schrijven voor amateurorkest en een professionele vioolsolist. Die combinatie was er nog niet.”

Merel Vercammen De Volkskrant
Interview in De Volkskrant (18/05)

NRC Handelsblad also wrote about the new violin concerto, and Merel performed live on Radio4 (Opium) to promote the concert. Listen back here.

Additionally, an interview with Merel and Mathilde appeared in Alkmaarse Courant:

Interview in Alkmaarse Courant (18/05)

Indonesia tour

Merel was invited by the Dutch Embassy to give concerts in Indonesia in January 2017. Together with cellist Joachim Eijlander and writer/presenter Merlijn Kerkhof she performed the newly developed lecture recital “All begins with Bach” at venues in Jakarta, Surabaya (Java) and Lampung (Sumatra). The Indonesian audience was very appreciative!


With the director of the Erasmus Huis Jakarta Dhr. Michael Rauner (on the left)

During the concert in Lampung

Press conference in Surabaya

Post-concert photo session with the audience