Musician in Residence at Flower Art Museum

English: In 2019 Merel Vercammen will be ‘Musician in Residence’ at the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Aalsmeer is famous for its flower auctions. Merel will curate four concerts at the museum. The programme includes free improvisations based on the artworks, classical music and jazz.

Dutch: In 2019 is Merel Vercammen als ‘musician in residence’ verbonden aan het nieuwe Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer. Zij programmeert een vierdelige concertreeks met zowel jonge talenten als bekende musici zoals Mike Boddé. Zij spelen vrije improvisaties bij de kunstwerken in het museum en prachtige muziek, van klassiek tot jazz.

De kaartverkoop is vanaf heden gestart. Ga naar voor alle informatie en om kaarten te bestellen.

Currently at the Flower Art Museum: Photosynthesis by Robin Noorda

Enescu recorded by YoungClassicals

The popular music video platform YoungClassicals has recorded Merel in a rarely performed Sarabande by Enescu:

“I find it really interesting how the context of the time we live in is so closely connected to the music that is being written. That’s why it is important to me to commission new works from contemporary composers, who are living now and can relate to my time. At the same time, I very much enjoy playing the repertoire that has led us to where we are now. For me, Enescu’s Sarabande is so special because it represents these two different worlds and shows the development of classical music through history, in just a few minutes.

In this composition, Enescu clearly refers to Bach; the structure, the meter, and the timbre are all the same as Bach’s Sarabandes for solo violin. But harmonically he suddenly brings it to a new era, allowing the listener to experience two different eras at the same time.” – Merel

Free Classical

Merel loves to improvise and create music on the spot and regularly invites other musicians to collaborate with her in her “Free Classical” improvisation project (improvisation with a free form and a sound that is closest to contemporary classical music).
Last week accordionist Wilco Oomkes joined forces and this track was one of the results of their session.

Merel about Nonaba: “The name of the improvisation is related to the form. When I improvise I often end up in a cyclic form, that is, repeat the beginning theme at some point to end the piece, just because it feels natural to do so. This time we decided consciously not to stick to this ABA form, but ended up bringing back a theme more than I expected. The result is almost like a “theme and variations” structure. I’m curious what you think of it!”

More about Merel’s improvisation projects…

Performance with erhu in Shanghai

On the 28th of April Merel performed with erhu (a two-stringed Chinese “violin”) player George Gao (Gao Shaoqing) at Amanyangyun in Shanghai together with three colleagues from Paris. Check out this blog post about the event. The repertoire included both Western and Asian classical music.

George Gao and Merel Vercammen at Amanyangyun Shanghai

George is a great musician, who played with Lang Lang and many other famous Chinese musicians. He is even able to play Tchaikovsky violin concerto on erhu!

Er-hu master Mr. Gao Shaoqing.JPG

Younger audiences for classical music

Merel is a strong advocate for classical music and even conducted a research project at the Erasmus University on how to attract younger audiences for classical orchestras. The university just published a video that went “viral” on Facebook, in which Merel explains the value of classical music for young people:

If you’d like to know more about the research, do drop us an e-mail at and we can send you the thesis on this topic.