The Utrecht Improvisation Walk

During the lockdown in 2020, Merel developed an idea together with cellist Maya Fridman: the Improvisation Walk. On the 16th of July and on the 8th of September they organised a walking tour through Utrecht which included 5 improvised concerts in 5 churches on one evening. Together with the audience, they wanted to discover the influence of different historical spaces – the acoustics, the atmosphere – on free improvisation.

All performances were recorded and you can now walk the same route as Merel and Maya! The idea is that you walk the same route and watch the video of the improvisation recorded in for example the Geertekerk when you’ve arrived at the Geertekerk. That way you can also walk the Improvisation Walk, without having to go inside a building (“coronasafe”, so to say!).

During the second Improvisation Walk dancer Sofiko Nachkebiya (dancer at Club Guy & Roni) joined them in their research.

The Utrecht Improvisation Walk – music & dance

Route (Google Maps)

If you want to walk the “music & dance” route, you start at Jacobikerk. When you’re there, you watch the following video:

Now you walk to the Geertekerk, which is the longest stretch of this walk. You can either walk through the centre of Utrecht and the Springweg or cross Hoog Catharijne and walk along the Rijnkade. When you’ve arrived at Geertekerk, watch the next video:

You continue towards the Nicolaikerk, from which the oldest, Roman parts date back to the 12th century. Here you watch the next video:

After watching the video, you walk towards the Leeuwenbergh church. Standing next to this recently renovated church you watch the video which was recorded inside:

Walk to the Domkerk (St. Martin’s Cathedral) to watch the last video:

This project was supported by the Cultuurmakersfonds.